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Woman Gets Her Bros To Be Her Bridesmaids And This Is How The Internet Reacted


When a couple gets married, there are several exciting and traditional events to look forward to. Planning the reception and ceremony, choosing the dress, the excitement of getting dressed and ready for the big day…these are some of the things a couple has to think about for that big day. 

Most brides will have a gaggle of girls made up of close friends or relatives as the bridesmaids. The bridal party assists the bride before and during the day of her wedding. They are there to be her entourage and basically her wedding cheerleaders.

One bride from Itajuba, Brazil, named Rebeca Sinhara was a bit sad about that prospect because she doesn’t have a close group of girlfriends.

Rather than getting ready for her big day alone and missing out on the fun experience of gossiping and prepping with friends, Rebeca decided to ask her closest bros to be her bridesmaids instead. The internet fell in love with the results.

Rebeca explained that as a computer engineering student, there weren’t a lot of other females in her program. ‘In my classroom, there were 56 guys and only four girls,’ she told Buzzfeed. ‘So it’s not like I had a lot of choices.’

Although she does have girlfriends from high school and childhood, they’ve grown apart. She isn’t as close as she was with them before.

‘There are some girls I lived with in shared housing during university,’ she said. ‘But none of them I became BFFs with.’

She had always been aware that she would probably not have a group of girls to sit and get ready with before the big day.