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The Way You Hug Your Partner Says A Lot About Your Relationship


Here Are Different Types Of Hugs That Speak A Lot About A Relationship.

When you are in a relationship you often get hugs and kisses and they are always of different types according to the mood. But do you know a particular kind of hug speaks something very particular about the relationship? Yes, you heard it right. So next time when you get a hug you will be able to relate it and know the meaning of it.

1. Hugging Without Much Contact.

This says that there is something off about you and your partner is uncomfortable with it. This kind of hug without a dispute is a surely a warning sign.

2. Hugging While Her Legs Are Wrapped Around Your Waist.

This is one of the most passionate kinds of hug. this means both the partners are physically attracted towards each other. this means a greater sεx life.

3. Hugging While Maintaining An Eye Contact.

This hug is all about connection and the best way to show love. If you always hug like this then your relationship is pretty solid.

4. Hugging LIke There Is No Tomorrow.

This just means you do not want to get apart ever and you are in a very serious relationship. This is justified when you are meeting after very long time but if this is frequent then either you or your partner has the fear of losing each other.

5. One-Sided Hug.

This simply means your partner is not into you. Its like one way and it’s not a path you should take.

6. The Side Hug.

This symbolised that your lover is not only your partner but is also a best friend. This is known as buddy hug and it’s beautiful.

7. Hugging From Back.

This shows trust in a relationship as well as the protective quality of a partner. This hug is very influencing.

8. Hug With A Sense Of Pampering In It.

This hug comes when your partner is concerned about you. A gentle tap on the back with hug gives a sense of pampering.

9. The Pervert Hug.

Hagging your girl in public while grabbing her assets is kind of pervert hug. It reflects your passion in the wrong way.

10. Hugging Without Caring About The World.

It just means you are truly deeply in love and you do not care what the world thinks about you.

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