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These Posters On What We Think Vs. What Our Mom Thinks Can Give Your Belly A Nice Tickle


You will completely relate to these!

We all have not just heard about the generation gap, but also experienced it day in and day out. When a senior colleague makes weird faces looking at you, and your group of young people is making noise in the office cafeteria, that’s generation gap. A senior citizen not appreciating your girlfriend holding you tight while riding pillion on your motorcycle is also the generation gap.

Closer home, you experience the same phenomena when your dad slams you for watching wrestling, or your mom disapproves your liking for fast food and cola drinks. In fact, she often ends up reacting abnormally to most of the things you do which seem absolutely normal to you. You all have experienced it, right? So, relive all those weirdly funny moments in this post.

I am sure we all have experienced this at least once…

Her reluctance towards junk food.

Moms are always possessive.

Maa toh Maa hai!

She never approves your hairdo.

All Moms are Tachophobics. Aren’t they?

We can never read her mind.

But we love our Moms the most!

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