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Struggles Of Men That Girls Usually Fail To Understand


I bet, every man feels the same!

Ask any man about his experience of dealing with the women in his life, and he is sure to say it is bewildering and frustrating (at times, if not always!). It is a fact that men do feel that women are from a different planet than theirs. Step into his shoes, and you will understand that he probably has his own challenges comprehending a woman’s mind and her ever changing needs and expectations from him.

Struggles of a common man…!

(The uncommon ones are the charmers! It seems they have a universal access code to every woman’s heart, only if they knew what it takes to be with one forever!)

Why does she have to talk so much especially on the phone? Not that all women are talkative, but they do love to express and share. Men on the other hand, don’t really talk so much. It doesn’t mean all men are introverts or reserved; it just means they are not too proactive or hyperactive when it comes to expressing themselves! Wish it was just about hearing her out, one could at least mentally switch off until her finishes her spiel, but the trouble is that she also wants you to react to what she shares.

Man’s take: That’s like truly asking for too much

When she says she doesn’t have any expectations, she is surely bluffing. Well, the problem is that she herself is not clear about what she wants!

Man’s take: You wanted me to give you a gift– tell me what you want and I’ll get it! You want me to wrack my brain and figure out what would surprise you and make your eyes gleam in joy– I don’t know what to do!

A lot of women have a fixated idea of romance– you can never figure out what she wants to hear neither can you figure out the right thing to say to her!

Man’s take: There are times they wish they had a partner assist feature on their mobile handsets which could just prompt out the best replies and compliments to be given to the woman of their life– even better if it had an auto-correct feature to avoid any casualties in communication.

Why does she have to feel so insecure! No matter what you do to make her feel important and secured, she finds another reason to create a fuss! It’s like, if I get caught up with work or commitments towards friend or family, she feels I’m not caring enough. If I hang out with other women, she starts thinking I have a thing going on with them…

Man’s take: The fact that I give you my time and make an effort to please you and keep you happy, mean I love you, and I care for you. I do have my commitments, and I definitely need my space and in my mind letting me doesn’t make me love you less. Maybe it makes me feel for you even more!

And for the latter part– have you heard of the phrase- ‘Once bitten twice shy’– all women are attractive before you get into a relationship with them, once they are in it, she becomes you! I’d rather love a known devil than invite a new one into my life (LOL!).

I have no idea how her mood swings, even the Bernoulli’s principle can’t predict the swing in her temperaments. She may sound all pragmatic for a moment and the next she would be like a delicate snowball!

Man’s take: Duck it when you don’t get it! Escape before she gives you a run for life.

Time for some action! She wants to cuddle before sex– I understand that I love warming up before the act, but she wants me to cuddle and talk even after a winning performance…Whew! Not Done!

Man’s take: When I am exhausted, I only want to sleep, and it would be great if you could sleep next to me without talking!

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