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How to Know If a Girl Likes You


Finding out if a girl really likes you or is just being friendly can be a puzzling thing. Between the subliminal messages and the mixed signals, even the smartest ones of us can get stumped. Do all those late night study sessions mean something or are they just a way for her to revise?

While you might feel like she is sending you obvious cues, you also don’t want to be outrightly rejected when you gather the courage to ask her out. In an instance like this, the only way forward is to make a note of her behavior and try to decode it.

She might glance your way, laugh at your lamest jokes or find excuses to touch you, but how can you ever be sure if she likes you? Here are a few signs to help you decide if she is genuinely interested in you, or if she just views you like any other guy.

10. She always texts back

If you are talking to her and the replies are coming fast and steady, the chances that she is interested in you are very high. In today’s time and age, it has gotten increasingly easy to lose touch with people. All of us are inundated with so many messages and notifications, that it can get hard to keep track of what someone is sending you and when. If she is taking out special time to get back to you, it probably means that you mean something to her.

Pay attention to not only how often and quickly she texts you, but also what she send in her texts. If her messages come laden with hearts and wink emojis, she is definitely flirting with you.

9. Her pupils dilate when she looks at you

You can also use science to help you find out if someone finds you attractive. If her pupils dilate, the girl in question might have a thing for you. While other factors like light intensity also come into play, more often than not, pupil dilation is a clear sign that someone finds you attractive. While we are on the topic of eyes, eye contact can also be a great indicator of how much someone likes you. If she initiates and maintains eye contact, she is definitely interested in you. Moreover, if you find her looking at you when you look at her, she definitely finds you attractive but might be too nervous to reveal her true feelings.

8. She tries to initiate physical contact

If she likes you, she will keep finding reasons to touch you. However, the touch might not be outrightly intimate so you will have to read between the lines to crack this one. She may casually touch your arm for support, squeeze your shoulder when you say something funny, or accidentally brush your hand with hers or just place her hand on your knee. However, some girls might be too shy to actually initiate physical contact.

She might playfully punch your arm if you make a joke or just stay in very close proximity to you. However, don’t be fooled by the disguise and make the first move if she is hesitating.

7. She is always dressed up around you

If all the other girls in your class come dressed casually, but she comes dressed to the nines she is probably looking to impress someone. Girls put in more effort when they are going to be around someone they like not only to catch their eye, but also to feel more confident about themselves.While there is a good chance that it might not be for you, the way to find out if the extra effort is for you is to check if she only puts in so much effort when you’re around.

6. Her friends act weirdly around you

If you want to see if a girl likes you or not, pay close attention to how her friends act around you. If she likes you, she has probably been talking about you to her friends. This means that they will be giving you looks, trying to gauge if you are a good fit for their friend. If you see them looking you up and down, doing double takes and just in general, trying to evaluate you, the chances are that she has shown interest in you to her friends.

5. She casually mentions your relationship status

If a girl is interested in you, she will keep navigating the course of the conversation to whether you’re single or not. If she keeps asking you about your weekend plans, or if you have a special someone in your life, the chances are that she is trying to see if the field is clear enough for her to consider making a move. Depending on the sort of person she is, she might try to subtly ask you, or she might ask you outrightly if you are romantically involved in someone. Tell her you are available and watch her advance more boldly, or just take a leap of faith and ask her out already.

4. She mirrors your behaviour

People who admire each other, subconsciously mirror each other without even meaning to. Does she adjust her stance when you move in your chair or does she fidget her knee just like you fidget yours? If she is unknowingly mirroring your habits, it means that she is paying so much attention to your every move that her body can’t help replicating your every move. Be flattered and reciprocate already!

3. She finds you unbelievably funny

While very cliche, this indicator turns out to be right more times than not. Does she laugh at even the most cringe worthy of jokes as long as they are coming from you? Does she like you the most when you are at your goofiest? Does she appreciate even the lamest of your puns?

The chances are that you might have found yourself a keeper! Who else will stroke your ego this way and make you think you’re funny when you’re just plain lame? Don’t lose her!

2. She takes an interest in your hobbies

If a girl goes out of her way to pay an interest to what you like, she most definitely has a thing for you. Pay attention and think back. Has she always liked football or is she suddenly a Manchester United fan for you? Was she always a great gamer or has she been playing to get your attention? Everything from the sports jersey to her newfound knowledge of video games is nothing but a ruse to try to impress you. Appreciate her effort and let yourself be wooed already!

1. She looks for excuses to talk to you

If she goes out of her way to engage you in conversation, no matter how meaningless, she is probably just doing this so that she can talk to you. She does not care what you guys talk about as long as you are actively engaged in conversation with her. She might start developing the same interests as you, so that she has something to talk to you about.

Or contrarily, she might repeat her stories, just to strike a conversation with you. If she just can’t stop herself from talking to you, she might really like you.