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Engineers Of These 10 Inventions Are No Less Than Culprits And These Pictures Are The Proof


So, let's check out these amusing photographs of some unusual things created by engineers. Trust me, these pictures will for sure tickle your funny bones.

10. This is an actual invitation to heaven.

 Just imagine what will happen if someone would plug something into this switchboard?

9. Any idea how he did this?

 It seems like the engineer was pretty much drunk while making these railings.

Next is a creation which can lead a kid directly to the hospital…

8. Beware: This slide is not for kids.

 TIP: Do check where the slide is going to end before letting your kids play on it.

7. Which one to use?

 It is going to be an epic moment for someone in an emergency. Right?

Now let’s see engineers doing JUGAAD!

6. What the hell!

 Hence proved, there is no one more Jugaadu than an engineer.

5. Ohh, this is something new.

 Because this engineer just wanted to do something different.

You will be shocked to see this kinda footpath…

4. Is this to save people from Salman Khan?

 Everyone knows the relation between Salman Khan and footpath. I guess the engineers made this to save people from Salman.


 Always check before getting out of your car. You never know if your next move is in a sewer.

The last ones are epic…

2. The challenge is to drive through the road without getting bumped into the pole.

 I still don’t understand what was the engineer thinking before adding a pole in between of a road.

1. Because trees are very important.

 The campaign ‘Save Trees’ was taken pretty seriously by this engineer.

That’s all, folks. I hope you enjoy the story.

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