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Dear BFF, Here Is What I Want To Do Before Either Of Us Gets Married


Come, have a look at my wishlist with my BFF before anyone of us gets married.

#1 A perfect photoshoot

 You can see in the picture above. Humari saari photographs aisi hi hain. *Sad*

Before anyone of us gets married, I want a proper photoshoot with my BFF. We will grab our cameras, select some fun outfits and go to the best place in the city.

Obviously one should have some random and crazy clicks to share on their BFF’s wedding day.

#2 A vacation together

 Just the two of us. No one else allowed.

My best friend, Muskan, (the one in the photograph above), she wants to go to Prague. I for one want to go to NYC. We still pick fight over whose favourite place will we visit first. But what’s sure is that for once, we are going to travel together.

#3 A slumber party (get her drunk AF)

 You must be wondering what is so fun about getting drunk or stoned with your BFF? Well, the point is, I am going to trick her into this one. Yes! My BFF doesn’t drink or smoke, so I have to cheat her.

And I have a proper plan for this. All I got to do is make a list of my favourite TV shows, binge-watch, talk about exes and trick her into being drunk AF until she spills all her secrets out.

*I am evil, right? HAHAHA*

#4 Twin tattoos

 No, I am not looking forward to some big and stupid twinning tattoos, but something that will remind us of each other. Something that though we will see after years, will bring a smile on our faces.

#5 Create a GIF album

 “Is your BFF a tantrum queen?”

“Oh yes! She is.”

And this is why before our marriage and before becoming all responsible-mother-wife-daughter-in-laws, I want to make a whole album of GIFs with my BFF.

#6 Fuck people with different accents

 So, when I asked Spandana, a bold and beautiful Bengali content strategist in my office, she said that she and her best friend Devika would fuck boys with different accents.

*Well, that’s GREAT, Spandana!*

#7 One last dare game

 Shraddha and her BFF Aarthi often do such daring things. But knowing that you will never get to play a daring game again and will never get to give your BFF any other disgusting but courageous task… this will make the last dare game very special.

#8 Go to a red light area

 Now, this is Ruchika, a shy but smart colleague of mine who shared that she wants to go to Amsterdam with her BFF and visit the red light area. Obviously, this is something every girl plans with her BFF but only a few act on it.

#9 Make people believe we are lesbian lovers

 Getting back to my other BFF, Mayuri, a majority of people we meet actually think that we are dating. And this is why I want to spread this exact same rumour that will make people believe that “Oh yea! We are DATING!

#10 Find a new BFF

 Before getting married, the last thing that unfortunately has to be done is to find a new single BFF. And Muskan, I want to do this with you. We will interview girls together and see who fits your best alternative. Though I know, I will never find someone just like you. 

You know, I will be really happy for you when you will get married. I will dance at your wedding, I will help to manage the guests and will make sure you look the prettiest. Yes, I will also get drunk and puke, but somewhere inside, I will be sad because I will miss you.

And this is why I want to fulfill all these dreams with you before anyone of us gets married.

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