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9 Difference Between The Guy You Are Dating And The Man You Will Marry


This goes for all the girls dating out there.

How do you really decide whom you gonna marry? Do you just take a rash decision or Do you ask your BFF for advice? Are the pieces of advice fruitful for you or you aren’t actually able to decide who is perfect for you? Well, this isn’t an easy task as you have to live your whole life with that person. We are here to help.

Here Are 9 Differences B/W The Guy You Are Dating And The Man You Will Marry.

1.Compatibility With Your Friends And Parents.

The guy you are dating will never want to spend time with your parents nor he will be willing to meet your friends but the man who is willing to marry you will spend quality time with your friends as well as parents.

2. Commitment Differences.

The guy who isn’t planning to marry you will serve no commitments but the man who wants to be your life partner will commit for the lifetime.

3. Future Talks Says a Lot.

Does your dating partner talks about future life and kids? If yes then very fine and if he avoids talking about that he is not into you for marriage. The man who wants to marry you will talk about future life and kids.

4. Choice Of Places Decides The Difference.

The guy you are dating will ask you to meet at places like pub and discos but the man who wants to marry you will aks for a peaceful meeting so that he can hear you and spend quality time.

5. Is He There For Pleasure Or He Understands Your feeling?

This is the question you need to answer honestly. Do you feel his attraction for you is temporary? does he ever talk about your feelings and desires? Answer these question and you will know the person you should actually marry.

6. How Much Is He Interested In Your Life And Dreams?

A man who is willing to spend life with you will encourage you to achieve your goals and dreams but a guy who isn’t into you will never even approach you with these questions.

7. Is He Willing To Love You back The Way You Love HIm?

Do you feel that you are giving too much and getting almost nothing back? If yes, then you are with a guy you shouldn’t marry. He is there for his pleasure only.

8. Financial Dependency

What happens when you are on a date? does he pay for you both or he just avoids paying? this small thing can decide his financial stability and dependency.

9. Intuitions Can Never Go Wrong.

The differences help a lot to choose the man you should marry but always listen to your intuition, it never goes wrong.

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