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8 Things He’ll Do Subconsciously That Mean ‘I Love You’ And 8 That Mean ‘Go Away’


In this post, you will find 16 ways of finding out the direction in which your relationship is going.  Without any further a due, lets decode the actions and the phrases which either mean ‘I Love You’ or ‘Go Away’

Are you always confused about what your man is thinking about you? It gets frustrating at times and you really want to understand your man 100%. Right? The good news is guys are not that hard to understand. The only thing that makes understanding guys a bit tricky is that they don’t usually open up. In this post, you will find 16 ways of finding out the direction in which your relationship is going.  Without any further a due, lets decode the actions and the phrases which either mean ‘I Love You’ or ‘Go Away’

16. He Loves to Protect You (He loves you)

A man who is head over heels in love with you will ensure to protect you at all times. He‘ll never want to see you hurt and will make sure you are safe at all times. Whether, he drops you home every night or helps you with get out of a messy situation, he’s the one for you.

15. He Fights with You All the Time (Bad Sign!!!)

Guys don’t usually pick up fights. If your guy is constantly fighting with you over petty things, your relationship might not be going really well.

14. He Makes Room for You (He Values You)

A healthy relationship isn’t the one when you are constantly nagging around each other. If a guy knows and respects your personal space, he trusts you, wants you to grow as a person and did I mention? He is in love with you.

13. He Often Forgets You (Danger!!!)

You have heard it before and you will hear it again. If he’s planning more nights out with his boys than you, he is probably not a keeper. If his plans often don’t include you, chances are, his future won’t include you either.

12. He Appreciates Your Style (Adores You)

This is probably a less thought about thing but it matters. If a guy is in love with how you dress, put on makeup, he adores you and loves you for you.

11. Criticizing each and everything (Time to say goodbye!!!)

If he criticizes you on the way you dress, the way you talk, your life decisions, it’s time for you to say goodbye to him. If a man loves you, he supports you rather than criticizing you.

10. Accepts Your Emotions (Love is in the air)

Women are emotional and they do cry. Let’s settle on the fact. If a guy adores you, he will accept your emotions and won’t make you feel bad for being a crybaby if you need or want to be.

9. He Wants to Control Your Emotions (Run the Other Direction)

We all know a person who wants the rest of the world to behave accordingly to their mood. When they are happy, they want you to be happy. When they are said, they want you to be said. If that’s the case with your boyfriend, it’s time to quit girl.

8. Doesn’t let you be Angry (A Keeper Right There)

All the couples fight. If you don’t, there is something seriously wrong about the relationship. But, if he doesn’t let you be angry for longer than a few hours, he is a keeper and he loves you.

7. He Sparks Your Anger (Go Away)

If he is the one to constantly makes you angry and doesn’t care about you being angry on top of that. It’s a sign that he really wants you to go away.

6. He Tries to Give You the Best (Love Love)

He tries his best to do the best possible thing for you. It could mean anything; spoiling you with gifts, bringing you food when you are ill, making sure you feel happy etc. Tell him that you adore him too.

5. Always Thinks about Himself First (Run the Other Direction)

Self-Love is important but there is a difference between self-love and selfishness. If he constantly puts himself in front of you, it’s time to rethink your relationship.

4. Supports Your Dreams (Sees the Future with You)

If he encourages you to go after your dreams, he loves and respects you and want you fulfilled as a human being.

3. Disinterested (You might need to shift your interests)

If he is not interested in anything you are saying or doing, he might not be interested in you altogether. Show some interest in yourself and run away girl!

2. Tries to Make Your Life Easier (He Cares!!!)

If he consciously makes some effort to make your life easy in small or bigger ways, he is a keeper. Thinking bringing medicine when you are sick, taking out the trash etc.

1. He has No Clue about What You Need (Find the one who knows)

If he doesn’t know your needs and wants or anything about you, it’s time to say goodbye and find a relationship that is fulfilling and loving.