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7 Amazing Beauty Tricks That Are Simple AF


There is just no end to beauty tricks at all. They keep coming with more and more everyday. So, we have sketched down for you the most basic and easy tricks you can perform to keep yourself fresh and gorgeous. This list is going to help you in ways that you might have not heard of before, They are mostly natural and healthy and you can do this again and again, they work everytime. Enjoy!

Get matte nails at home!

It’s simple; boil a cup of water and put 2-3 coats of your nail polish. While it is still wet, turn your nails towards the steam of the water and let the magic begin.

Stay away from pimples

Try to change your pillow cases more often and get them cleaned properly.

Foot odour riddance

Boil two tea bags in two cups of water and then remove them and dilute the tea with approximately 2 liters of water. Let the liquid cool down if necessary, then soak your feet for 30 minutes. Repeat this process daily.

Dry Lips?

Soak them with warm, damp cloth for 2 minutes and then gently rub them with Mandarin orange peel.

End chaffing

 End your chaffing by using this product! Yes, it exists!

Use Coconut Oil

Trust me on this, coconut oil has a lot of benefits. Use it to remove makeup and as a moisturiser before sleeping.


So, next time you run out of shaving cream, try using conditioner instead. It will be your preference after then.

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