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5 Golden Rules Of Complimenting Your Girl And Getting A Kiss In Return


So here we bring to you some of the important tips that will aid you learning the art ASAP.

Rule 1: Do mind if your compliment fits in the situation

 The first and foremost rule to keep in mind while complimenting her is the context of your conversation. The part that the person plays in your life is very important to compliment her. If your girl is a bit more in status than you, do mind that you don’t overload her with compliments be it on her smile, looks, clothes or any other thing. Because it will unnecessarily highlight the status disparity between you two.

Rule 2: Keep your compliment specific and to the point.

 Once you have decided to compliment her, you need to frame what your compliment should be. I mean ask yourself as what to compliment her? The old monotonous compliments on her looks like, ‘You are really hot’ are not going to help you in this case. Give her reasons to feel that she is different.

Have a close observation on how she looks like?

What does she generally prefer to wear?

What is that unique thing about her?

Jump to conclusions and compliment her something new everytime and be a keen observer.

Are you getting it?

 Okay. So, let us move ahead.

Rule 3: Do take care that you don’t unnecessarily flaunt her. Make sure that your compliment is genuine.

 A specific compliment is okay but you need to make sure that it is genuine. Words are like swords in a relationship. You need to be very careful in using them. If your girl doesn’t feel that you actually meant your compliment, you may fall back real hard. So, say what is true and authentic. No buttering, please!

Rule 4: Ask yourself if your compliment is Qualified?

 Most of the people use compliments as supplicating agents, that is merely for the sake of complimenting, but realize that when you compliment her, it is because she has given you reasons to do so. You compliment her because you respect something genuinely in her and you need to show it. Don’t expect a compliment from her side in return, rather compliment her selflessly.

For instance- ‘You are really fulfilling your duties as an elder sister. You are a responsible person and I respect that.’ The last three words will qualify your compliment and prove her that yes, she is with the right guy.

Rule 5: Mind if your compliment is appropriate.

 You know, words matter the most in a compliment. If you are a guy, it is a genuine tendency that you will notice her body and appearance. Avoid complimenting her using sexual statements when you are in the initial days of getting involved. They can be easily taken the other way round and may backfire on you. Girls have lots of other traits besides their sex organs, compliment them on those. Avoid being awkward or vague. And if you have used one bad shot, ignore it as if it never happened. Simple as that.

All my good wishes with you.

 Have faith in yourself and try follow these rules to get your girl.

You can thank us later.

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