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20 Times Wind Proved To Be A Total Jerk


It seems to be hilarious, but actually wind effects are really devastating, if you felt it, you know how powerful wind strokes can turn out to be. So, next time if it's windy outside its better to stay at home with your belonging otherwise you can be a part of such scenario.

1) Girls take care of your skirts during wind otherwise you can fall into the trap like her!

 2) Even Trees fall prey of Wind!

 3) This is experienced by most of us!

4) Sitting outdoors during Wind? You will feel pressure like this

5) Girl fell off due to Strong Wind!

6) Girls you know how wind prove to be disaster for your new hairstyle!

7) Sky Diving in Strong Wind!

8) Playing games during storms can have this outcome!

 9) Even your goods can be blown away by wind like this!

10) Girls finding it difficult to walk in wind!

11) Man fall prey of tidal winds!

12) Cars during wind!

13) Car Blown away by wind in Japan!

14) Wind can actually do serious shits to your expensive cars!

15) If your garden turns out to be in a mess then the reason behind it can be wind!

16) This one is totally hilarious!

17) It’s better not to leave your belongings in open during wind otherwise you will find it hanging somewhere like this!

18) Even poor animals fall prey of wind like this!

19) Now, look real life example of wind being a Jerk!

20) Wind can create dance steps like this! Lolz

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