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15 way to start Conversation Easily with a Guy You Like


Finding the right guy takes up work and efforts. It’s not like a cute, hot guy will fall right in your lap. Anyway, when you see a guy and think he is cute, there’s only one thing between that and scoring a date with him – striking a conversation! It is only when you speak to a guy that he can learn how much fun and interesting you can be. Starting a conversation with new and unknown guy is not that easy as we think. Here are 15 way to start Conversation Easily with a Guy You Like.

Have we met

This is the classic. Mistaking a person for someone else happens all the time, and this lines will seem genuine. Ask him casually, ‘have we met before? Aren’t you Alex? You totally look like him’. Start with this and ease into a conversation!

Eye contact

No matter how near or far you are sitting from your guy, no matter in which direction. If you are constantly looking at him, he is bound to realize so sooner or later. Keep looking at him and when he looks back, make an eye contact with confidence.

Can you help

Be the damsel in distress and let him be the knight in shining armor. Ask the cute guy to help you with something, anything. Whether it is unlocking the car door, or to help you carry your heavy shopping bags up to the exit!

Can I use your phone

You need to make an urgent call and cannot place your phone. What do you do? Easy. Walk up to the awesome guy sitting right across, ask for his phone and make the call. After that, start a conversation starting with ‘thank you’.

Fake resemblance

If you cannot think of anything better, just go ahead and fake resemblance, like you are acquainted with the person and know him well. Start talking and make a conversation. If he looks confused, ask him if he isn’t the person you think he is!


This comes after making eye contact. Soft and subtle gestures in the guys direction. Playing with your hair, fluttering your eyes or making loud hand gestures, do whatever it takes to draw his attention.

Take the seat

You want to speak to a guy, go and do exactly that. The direct approach always works. If he is sitting all by himself in a restaurant, go up to him and ask if you can take the vacant seat. A gentleman will never deny. Now strike a conversation.

Say anything

A conversation need not follow set rules! Anything can be a conversation starter. Say whatever you feel like, whatever interests you. Who knows, he might get interested and you two actually end up having a great conversation.

How boring! Yawn!

Make it apparent to the guy you are interested in that your present company bores you. That being with him would be much more interesting and promising. Want to show your boredom? Yawn, look bored and washed out! It’s actually easy.

Say hello

How do you start a conversation? By saying hello, simple. See a cute guy, interested? Walk up to him, and wave and say hello. That will take care of the ice breaker. Now you are free to chat up whatever you like!

Discuss the place

The weather, the ambiance, the surrounding – all these are safe topics to talk about. Say Hello and discuss a few safe topics. Sooner than you know, you will be talking about a whole array of things without even noticing.

Drop your phone

Pass by him, and ever so gently, drop your phone (be careful, not to break it). Ever the gentleman, he will definitely swoop it up for you and present to you. Thank you should only be the conversation starter!

While shopping

Shopping is a great activity, even to meet an interesting person. Strike up a conversation about the sale, the collection, the merchandise on display or even the sales people. Shopping on its own is a boring task, mix it up with some lively chatter.

In a queue

Standing in a queue to pay the bill or buy a movie ticket? Strike a conversation with the equally bored but amazingly cute guy ahead you. Discuss the movie reviews, or the weather, or complain about how slow the queue moves!

Walk up to him

Walk up to him and tell him how amazingly cute he is. Yes, honesty is the best policy and works every time. Just go to him and confess how you feel. That’ll catch him off guard and be a great conversation starter!

Instead of simply longing after the cute guy, go and speak to him. Who knows, next you know you will be gearing up for a date. Hope girls can take advantage of these points and can start a conversation easily with a guy.