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15 Insanely Cute Pictures That Prove Life Is Beautiful When You Smile


Don't forget to smile!

Ah, it’s October, his birth month. I am pretty excited to make him feel amazed with this post. It will be so special. Amazing, awesome and superb.

It’s a pretty cool coincidence that World Smile Day and ‘his birthday’ are close to each other. So this year, I am celebrating both the days with some of his super cute pictures.

Get ready to SMILE.

P.S.- World Smile Day is marked on the first Friday of October every year.

Meet Aseem Paudel, a cute little kid.

I found these images perfect for Smile Day.

 His smiling face is what energises me.

He was born in Japan and he spent his initial years there.

He had beautiful friends around. This pretty girl was his best friend while in Japan.

He extremely loves being clicked.

Whenever he sees anyone holding camera in front of him, he doesn’t waste a single second to stretch his cute lips.

And of course, holding camera like this is one of his hobbies.

No matter what, he loves outings and spending times there.

This picture made me smile. Not smile, laugh, literally!

 Happy World Smile Day… See how Aseem reacted seeing his papa’s pose.

Aseem has grown to become more awesome.

He is kind, he is decent, he is helpful, and what not!

Yes, fun-loving as well.

He has ambition, he has goals, he has dreams.

 And he wants to achieve all of them.

Happy Birthday, in advance Aseem. Loves and blessings from India…

 Oh yes, happy Smile Day all!

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