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15 Female Athletes Who Will Have A Hard Time Living With These Embarrassing Fails


Athletes of all kinds are fine tuned machines.

They train year in and year out too make sure their bodies perform at their peaks. No matter how hard athletes train or prepare their is always the possibility that they can make a mistake.

Those mistakes can often be a source of entertainment for spectators. Female athletes are no exception to the rule. Sometimes they can experience the worst type of fails and embarrassment.

Injuries, wardrobe malfunctions or involuntary body functions at the wrong time, these ladies will have a hard time living with these fails.

1. Ouch! That’s got to hurt!

2. This lifter might want to work on on her bladder control a little more

3. Hello? Is anyone home? Or rather, is anything going down, down below?

4. Oops! Now that’s what we call a real nip slip.

5. When orchestrating intricate designs in water only using your body things could go wrong.

6. Now I’m no gymnast, but something tells me that’s not the way a balance beam routine is supposed to look.

7. This male skater seems fully unprepared for his partner’s…ummm…nether regions in his face.

8. What the heck is going on here?!

9. Whoops! There goes her underwear!

10. Everyone trips and falls.

11. Professional swimmers love to be in the water, some swimmers even head out to the beach.

12. The balance beam strike again.

13. To be a good volleyball player you must have good reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

14. Well, you know what they say: just because you look like Cinderella, doesn’t mean you can skate like her.

15. Gymnast do all kinds of flips, spins and twirls in the air. The whole objective though is to land on their feet.