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14 Hysterical Photos Of Father And Child That Will Make Your Day


When you became a parent from there the adventure of your life starts and it is a never adventure. A mother learns how to take care of their baby with time and they become pro in it while fathers remain carefree and think as it is an easy task to do. They surely are entrusted with child care but do you have any idea what happens when you leave a child with their father alone? We have collected few photos of daddy’s day alone with their child, I can bet that it will make you burst into laughter.

Babies are unpredictable! You never know what can wake up.

Because the dad needs his space for his own games so he built a wall! Lol

Your first priority should find time for yourself!

When it’s your turn to take care of them but you can’t afford to miss the gym.

So it looks like a whole fun day with daddy! The best part of the childhood.

My baby is all grown up! Who wants to date her?

A walk that no one will ever forget.

His wife asked him to put on his best outfit for a walk with the baby and he put on this!

When a mother is not at home, but no worries daddy is an expert.

When the dad broke the stroller but he knows how to reuse it in a better way.

What else you need now? Everything is just right beside you.

What a brilliant idea to keep children from arguing in the car! You just need sheets of plywood and adhesive tape.

Okay! another brilliant idea, no you don’t have to spend hours on cleaning the floor.

What an amazing costume for Halloween!