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11 Things Men Look For In Women (According To Science)


Love happens from the heart but the attraction is the first step towards love and attraction has scientific reasons. Science has shown that there are real biological traits behind the attraction.

1. The Hips Don’t Lie

According to science men find 0.7 hips to waist ratio more attractive. That means if your waist is 70% of the circumference of your hips then its perfect.


2. Beautiful Breasts

More tissues and fat is preferred by men. Almost 350 million women last year went under the knife for breast augmentation.


3. Beautiful Lips

Beautiful lips and that too in red shade always get attention. Biologically bright red lips are a signal of youth and vitality.

4. Shiny Locks

Biologically, Women who have strong locks are seen as well nourished and beautiful. This is the reason why hair products are so famous.


5. Scintillating Eyes

The size of the eye, the shape of the eye and the size of pupil matters the most for man. The size of pupil changes according to the situation a woman faces.

6. Sunshine Smile

A smile is the best non-verbal signal. Someone who smiles often and naturally is very desirable as a mate.


7. Body Fragrance

Everyone has their own scents and that is what attracts a man. The attractiveness of a person is often determined by their natural scent.

8. Beautiful Back

A woman with a 45-degree slope between her back and her butt is considered to be a more desirable mate for a man.

9. Maternal Instincts


Women who have bright maternal instincts are very desirable as they are very keen to start a family.


10. Mesmerising Voice

This is what men love the most. A mesmerising voice that kills all the stress.


11. Ambitions

Men often want the woman to be ambitious about life. They want her to set goals and motos for life. An ambitious woman is very desirable.