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10 Unusual Twin Stories That Are Too Weird To Be True


Well, there is no doubt that twin siblings share a stronger bond then the normal ones. There are some examples of twin siblings around the world, who are truly amazing and exceptional.

We have unconditional love and affection for our siblings. They understand our feelings better than our parents, they are in our support whenever we require. Here you will see some pictures of twins looking extremely unusual. You will also see kind of twin with two heads in one body. Whatever these twins are, they are sure to fascinate us a lot.

1) Mark Sanders and Craig. Twins falling in love with other twins is a complete surprise. Mark and Craig, met identical twins Diane and Darlene and fell in love and got married. Here you see the magic of love. This is not a coincident the gave birth to twins “for” making the family completely twin family.


2) Gin and Kin, Japanese twin sisters. Gin died in the year 2000 at the age of 107 and Kin one year later after the death of her sister in 2001 at the age of 108. They became media celebrities in the last ten years of their life, charming the Japanese public with their wit and lust for life.


3) June and Jennifer Gibbons. The two sisters even chatted with each other in abnormal fast, which nobody else could understand, not even their parents. As they were growing up, they were the only black kids in their community. Because of their complexion, they were bullied and tormented at school.

4) Black and white twins. Another example of one in a million twins is of Hayleigh Durrant and Lauren. People say that the sisters are twins, but they are more special while being identical twins, only the color of their hair and skin are different.

5) Jim Lewis and Jim Springer. These twins are separated at the time of birth. They were nourished by the two different families but coincidentally have the same first name. Although, both had their dogs named Toy even both of them married twice and similarity to that extent that their first wifes’ name was Linda. They lived in the same building and had no clue and were chain smokers.

6) Anna and Lucy Decinque. 30-year-old sisters, Lucy and Anna spent 30 million dollars on their plastic surgery. They did this not to look younger but to look more similar. They share their job, food and not to forget their boyfriend.

7) Billy Leon and Benny Loyd. They are known as the World’s heaviest twins, Benny Loyd and Billy Leon traveled the entire world as wrestlers. And have traveled around the world seven times, they have their name in the “Guinness Book of World Records.”

8) Abby and Brittany.

They are not just twins what make them special is, they have to heads on a single body they have different minds too. Above the neck, they have different body organ and below it, they have single organs.

9) Twins delivered twins. In the year 2005, 20-year-old twins, Andrea Springer of Conyers and Ashlee Spinks of Indianapolis, Georgia delivered their twin babies in an hour difference.Two twin sisters complete the combination of siblings after delivering two sets of twin boys.

10) Lucy and Maria Aylmer. It doesn’t matter if you are white or black in complexion, these siblings from Great Britain could not agree more. Their father was Caucasian and mother was half Jamaican. Both parents were shocked at the children arrived, but nothing in this entire world can change the love of sisters.


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