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10 Unedited Photos To Prove That The World Is Stranger Than We Believe


Today, we will show you some of the best unedited photos that look morphed at the first look but are actually real. Let’s have a look at these photos below.

1. The Real Rockstar.

A Photographer Aditya Permana captured the forest dragon lizard feeling comfortable resting with a leaf clutched between its feet.

2. A boat that looks like it is suspended in the air.

The water is so clear in the Lampedusa, the southernmost island of Italy giving an illusion as the boat is suspended in the air.

3. A group of Flamingo making a giant Flamingo.

One of those rare moments when a group of flamingos form a giant version of themselves.

4. Creativity Level = Amazing.

If you are planning to visit Vienna, Austria, make sure that you visit the place to see the sculpted trees of Schonbrunn Palace during winter.

5. When the temperature is way below Zero Degrees.

The person in the photograph threw hot water in the air in Antartica and the water instantly froze.

6. The boss of all the unedited photos.

Some amazing rare clouds over the wind farms in West Yorkshire.

7. A Giant Sinkhole.

On May 30, 2010, a giant sinkhole, measuring 65 feet across and 300 feet deep, was formed in Guatemala swallowing a three-story factory.

8. You’ll be shocked after learning that this photo is not photoshopped.

On September 27, 2014, Japan’s Mount Ontake erupted and covered the temple with plumes of volcanic ash.

9. The coolest spider ever.

He is one of the most creative and coolest spiders you’ve ever seen.

10. Cherries covered with bubbles.

A photographer Laurens Kaldeway captured this incredible shot by using a mixture of soda and tap water, salt and aluminium foil.

So, what do you think of these unedited photos? We know that it’s hard to believe that these are not photoshopped but the truth is that these photos are completely untouched.